Bitmain enters the Russian market

Bitmain enters the Russian market

Imports of Chinese equipment for mining much easier and ceases to be “gray” and even illegal.

If earlier it was risky and a pass device is often given at the whim of the customs official, now import is beginning to acquire a legitimate reason.

A month ago in the Unified register of notifications of cryptographic ECE were several documents that allow you to import or to produce and sell in the country a variety of devices for mining. But then all this was done on behalf of an unknown Chinese firm, where the product was indicated for all kinds of miners of different brands, most non-existent or which is a rebranded device from a Chinese manufacturers. Among them were present and mining company Bitmain.

Now, according to registered in the ECE notification, the company Bitmain decided to deal with entering the Russian market, registering your device directly as the manufacturer. Maybe Bitmain will defend its rights as the exclusive provider of private miners, or will begin to expand in Russia a dealer network.

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