Bitfury will build a new data center in Norway cost $ 35 million

Bitfury will build a new data center in Norway cost $ 35 million

Blockchain company Bitfury announced that on March 20 she will begin work on the creation of “energy efficient” data center in Norway, which has already received approval from the government.

The message in his blog, the company confirmed that it will be created two centers in the cities of Mo I Rana. In the creation of data centers will invest 274 million kroons (35 million USD), in addition to creating data centers and investment in local infrastructure, the company also plans to hire about 30 employees.

In recent years, increasingly cryptocurrencies criticized for consumption in large volumes. Therefore, the company stressed that all of the energy needs of the centers will be provided by local supplier Helgeland Kraft, which produces 100% renewable electricity. According to preliminary data centres will consume about 350 GWh per year.

The Minister of trade and industry of Norway, Re Isaksen welcomed the establishment of new data centers:

Data is becoming an increasingly important resource for business and for society as a whole.

This represents a major economic opportunity for Norwegian companies. The data centers industry is growing rapidly and gives Norway opportunities for economic growth and new jobs.

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