bitFLyer checks the user database and searches among them members of the Yakuza

bitFLyer checks the user database and searches among them members of the Yakuza

According to customer feedback, the Japanese crypto currency exchange BitFlyer began to make multi-day delays in cryptocurrency assets from their accounts. As reported by one user, he filed a withdrawal request on 25 June, but by the morning of 2 July, the order was never executed.

It is reported that BitFlyer delay operations, as is forced to check thoroughly the identity of their clients. Last month, the exchange stopped the registration of new users due to the lack of working resources necessary to confirm the identity of customers.

In virtual currency trading deposits and withdrawals are considered the main stage of money laundering. According to the financial services Agency (FSA), the company BitFlyer has neglected to confirm the identity of their users, allowing anti-social forces and members of the Japanese mafia to trade cryptocurrencies. For this reason, the exchange reviews the list of their customers, and all deposits and withdrawals are currently being tested.

In may last year, the newspaper “Mainichi” told how some units of the organized crime syndicates of Japan, also commonly known as the Yakuza used cryptocurrency exchanges for money laundering. According to “Mainichi” the Japanese mafia has paid over $ 270 million of their funds abroad.

“We strongly recommended that six of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchangers to eliminate all ties with antisocial forces,” — said in the FS, and the.

As in Japan, the cryptocurrency industry is developing rapidly and becomes more popular, the FSA ordered the cryptocurrency exchanges to fix the gaps in the security system and to strengthen the fight against money laundering through crypto-currencies.

Although Japan has long been known by the police in cooperation with the local mafia, the recently adopted laws on the eradication of organized crime, which entered into force in 2011, provide for criminal liability of individuals or companies that do business with the Yakuza.

First, the authorities send a warning, as did the FSA on 22 June, but if doing business with the Yakuza proceeds, the accused can be fined or even sent to prison.

Now on the forums I suspect that the cryptocurrency exchange BitFlyer decided to check all of its users to determine their possible ties with the mafia.

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