BitFlyer CEO hunts for talent with Wall Street

BitFlyer CEO hunts for talent with Wall Street

Yuzo Kano is looking for former financiers from wall street to turn its stock exchange in the global cryptocurrency Empire.

Reportedly, Cano plans to the end of the year to increase the staff of the exchange up to 300 people, while it has doubled it over the last six months.

“My goal is to become number one in the world,” said Yuzo to Bloomberg. “To achieve this, I need to increase the staff. And those who possess the best skills come from global banks.”

Former financial managers have extensive experience in regulated markets that, apparently, attracted to Kano. bitFlyer already boasts former executives at Barclays Plc and Credit Suisse Group AG in his team.

Razin Ashraf, the head of the recruiting firm Divine Solutions Japan, explained that “cryptocurrency companies need traditional financiers to work in all areas: business development, sales, account management, financial transactions and much more.”

The world’s best place for doing business cryptocurrency Kano considers Japan. This country was recognized as a world leader in the field of cryptocurrency regulation since the adoption of the law on virtual currency in April 2017. In addition, the law legally recognized Bitcoin and Ethereum as forms of payment.

While Yuzo big plans to establish additional offices in South America, Africa , Australia and other parts of Asia; the stock exchange has opened branches in Luxembourg, San Francisco and Tokyo.

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