Bitfinex will not support the Venezuelan Petro

Bitfinex will not support the Venezuelan Petro

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex stated that the platform does not support token Petro (PTR) issued by the government of Venezuela in February of this year.

In his blog post of March 27, the exchange, which is on the 4th place on the daily trading volume, explained his decision by the fact that the US recently banned all its citizens to buy Petro or any other similar Venezuelan digital currency that can be created in the future. In the opinion of the representatives of the exchanger, the usefulness of this cryptocurrency is also in doubt.

We never planned to add PTR or similar tokens. Given the US sanctions, Bitfinex will not work with the PTR.

The Bitfinex team noted that this restriction works for all customers, not just for American citizens and residents. It also applies to all activities on the platform such as “deposits, financing, trade and withdrawal”. The platform added that all its “contractors and employees” regardless of location, are also prohibited to work with Petro.

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