Bitfinex announces the addition of new trading pairs and Fiat money

Bitfinex announces the addition of new trading pairs and Fiat money

29 Mar cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced the addition of the capabilities of the I/o of the Japanese yen and the British pound, as well as the creation of new trading pairs.

The address of the representatives of the exchange to users said:

Now Bitfinex users will be able to trade Fiat pairs through the following:

  • BTC – BTC / JPY and BTC / GBP
  • ETH – ETH / EUR, ETH / JPY & ETH / GBP
  • NEO – NEO / EUR, NEO / NEO and JPY / GBP

In addition to the pairs mentioned above, we will also open our doors to Japanese yen (JPY), British pound (GBP).

Trying to meet the demands of a growing global shopping community we have decided to considerably expand our range of services. We also hope that such a move will lead to closer interaction with a number of international currency markets. Deposits and withdrawals for both JPY and GBP were included today, March 29.

Adding new trading pairs in the listing Bitfinex will contribute to more accessible and convenient to use platform for traders greater level of liquidity as the exchange itself and the cryptocurrency market in General.

“We are very pleased to add to our list of new Fiat currency to make cryptocurrencies as accessible as possible. We give a powerful impetus to improve transparency and international cooperation in the field of regulation, and our ability to support these markets — a victory on this front” — Jean Louis van der Velde,
CEO of Bitfinex

Adding new crypto-Fiat trading pairs will contribute to the further development and expansion of our offerings. At the same time it will increase our ability to provide professional services to traders in the global sector of cryptocurrency.

For trading in the aforementioned pairs, the exchange will charge a 15% decrease in the Commission within 4 weeks.

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