Bitfinex and Tether made a statement. Deny all accusations

Bitfinex and Tether made a statement. Deny all accusations

After several months of silence Bitfinex, one of the largest in the world cryptanalytic exchanges, and Tether, a cryptocurrency startup that is the Issuer of a cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar, has finally responded to numerous accusations of incompetence, market manipulations, etc.

In a statement mailed to reporters Thursday, Ron Torossian, a new specialist in public relations, blamed “dubious actors” in that they are specifically spread rumors about their financial insolvency and incompetence. In particular, in the statement he wrote, Bitfinex “tends to be the most transparent cryptocurrency exchanger in the industry.”

Who is the biggest critic Bitfinex? An anonymous user on Twitter who make accusations in our address, not even revealing your identity. When someone anonymously accuses someone always doubt the motives of this man.

Torosyan said that Bitfinex is headed by a “strong management team”. However, as of Thursday evening, none of them was listed on the website Bitfinex.

Recall that the company is run by CEO Yan Ludovicus van Der Verde, strategic Director Phil Potter chief financial officer Giancarlo Devasena.

Audit in the near future

The statement is also remarkable because it confirmed the connection Tether with Bitfinex.

The relationship between these two organizations has long been a subject of speculation, but only recently it has been documented due to leakage Paradise Papers, which say that Potter is a Director of the company, and Devanai – shareholder Tether. This is what was discussed in a recent article in The New York Times.

In addition, Torosyan has also made a statement concerning the audit, which many people expect:

“A full audit” to be conducted as soon as possible”, – he wrote, noting that the interim report showed that on September 15 the company has 442,9 million dollars of cash that covers the tokens Tether .

However, the report of the auditing company Friedman LLP of East Hanover, N. J., contains some reservations. Account where money is stored, is registered in the name of the Trustee and the auditors have stated that it is not you can bet that Tether is there any agreement with the Trustee, which would give them a significant advantage in disputes.

Similarly, the auditing company in its report stated that estimates the state of a Bank account and cannot confirm the ability of the Tether to withdraw funds from there if necessary, and cannot confirm that they are there with the sole purpose to cover the tokens Tether. The Bank’s name was also not disclosed in the public version of the report.

Meanwhile, according to Torosyan Tether “works closely with law enforcement” to investigate the incident, which was stolen tokens for $ 30 million.

The silence in the air

Torosyan also apologized for the long silence on the part of companies, the reason for this was the unprecedented influx of users lately.

In addition, Torosyan also added that like many cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex recently was forced to cease cooperation with many banks. But he also said that among the Bank’s partners added several new ones. None of the banks were not named.

In conclusion, Torosyan noted that:

Bitfinex is in compliance with all existing laws and reporting requirements such as KYC / AML. Exchanger “working closely with financial regulators, law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to ensure the highest possible level of protection and service to its customers.

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