Bitfi threatened by hackers, hacked her “unbreakable” crypto wallet

Bitfi threatened by hackers, hacked her “unbreakable” crypto wallet

Bitfi the company that created the supposedly “unbreakable” crypto wallet, approved by John McAfee has shown its true face. As it became known to the security researchers that hacked the device, began to receive to your address direct threats from representatives of the company.

Recently Bitfi published a post on Twitter, which, however, were soon hastily removed, which warned researchers (one of whom is only 15 years old) that they can expect certain “consequences” because of the work they were asked to do for a fee.

“This is my last tweet because my shift is about to end. You guys first thought would be, who decided to fight and what resources these people have,” reads the official Twitter account Bitfi. “It is unwise. Remember that hoax that you are known to distribute in respect of the purse Bitfi, can have serious consequences.”

Of course, as is already customary in the cryptocurrency community, the statement immediately “sestrinstvo” and published on other sites before Bitfi deleted it. Here’s a copy for posterity:

After receiving threats, the researchers said, cease all activity aimed at Bitfi:

“We do not Bitfi after they published a series of threats on Twitter,” said hacking team.

The company Bitfi pompously claimed to have developed the first truly “unbreakable” storage solution for cryptocurrencies. According to researchers, this was not the case.

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After security experts were able to detect a large number of holes in the purse and also hack the device and “chop” it in DOOM, Bitfi tried to override the value of “invulnerable”. As you remember, John McAfee offered a reward of $100,000 to someone who can hack wallet Bitfi.

“We immediately recognized that generous compensation is a fraud”, — said the cyber security researcher Andrew Tierney (better known as Cybergibbons). “I like the program for finding bugs, but it is silly to claim that something is impossible to crack”.

It seems Bitfi decided that threats against hackers, just doing his job, is the easiest way to burn bridges and not to pay remuneration.

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