Bitcoin will soon rise by $ 2,000. All due Fidelity

Bitcoin will soon rise by $ 2,000. All due Fidelity

According to Bloomberg, the company Fidelity Investments will soon give large investors the opportunity to buy and sell bitcoins in one of its divisions called Digital Asset Services. Anonymous sources claim that “within several weeks” institutional Fidelity customers will have access to the above services.

Chief analyst, eToro’s Mati Greenspan believes that this event may push the price of Bitcoin is at least $ 2000 up. Now the main cryptocurrency is trading at 5934 $ over the past day it has risen 4.3 percent.

What will the Fidelity?

It is unclear whether Fidelity will open a traditional trading venue for spot trading or will be in charge of conducting OTC transactions. According to the representative of the investment company Arlene Roberts, a new product from Fidelity will somehow be “focused on Bitcoin”.

Now we have a limited number of clients on our platform. We will continue to launch new services in the coming weeks and months based on the needs of our customers.

Perhaps the news with Fidelity will be a crucial factor that will help Bitcoin to break the resistance in the region of 6000 dollars. At least, sure chief analyst, eToro’s Mati Greenspan. In his opinion, Fidelity could become “the largest provider of services for large customers that want to invest in the crypt”.

The math is simple — if at least 1 percent of the seven billion customers Fidelity will agree to invest their money in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency will easily rise to 1000 or 2000 dollars. Greenspan also many what to expect from the upcoming conference Consensus, which in the past almost always led to an increase in BTC.

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