Bitcoin whales poured $ 100 million into the digital currency 24 hours

Bitcoin whales poured $ 100 million into the digital currency 24 hours

On Tuesday, April 17, the price of Bitcoin fell more than $200 in just 20 minutes. The reason for this could be selling a “kit” of a large number of the flagship cryptocurrency.

On Tuesday, April 17, the balance of the purse 3D2oetdNuZUqQHPJmcMDDHYoqkyNVsFk9r — anonymous digital account, with a value of 1.49 billion dollars, decreased by bitcoin 6500. The average sale price was 8 146,70 USD per coin, so the total value of the sold bitcoins equivalent to $ 50 million.

The day before that the third largest purse, the owner of which in February bought bitcoins at $ 400 million, merged 6 600 bitcoins at an average price of $ 8 026. A total of 24 hours both China poured more than $100 million in bitcoins.

Of course, such an event has not passed without the attention of the cryptocurrency community and provoked numerous discussions in various forums.

“Holy hell, these dumps out of nowhere. I was looking at some of the violas, then went back to check the Bitcoin, and BAM, he’s already down $200! “says Reddit user.

Initially, the decline in prices attributed to the news about the actions of the attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman, which announced the beginning of investigations 13 of cryptocurrency exchanges, which includes request information on value of commissions, the data about the amounts and procedures associated with trading on margin.

But this news came four hours before the fall of Bitcoin prices.

Previous the fall of on the background of the sales occurred on 7 March at the fault of the Trustee Mt. Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, who sold one-time Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the amount of 400 000 000 USD.

Large sales of Bitcoin seems to have become a trend this month. On 12 April the second largest cryptocurrency wallet sold bitcoins in the amount of $ 38 million.

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