Bitcoin was described in the book of 1997

Bitcoin was described in the book of 1997

In 1997, in collaboration Dale James Davidson and Lord William Reese-Mogga out a history book about the future of “the Sovereign individual: mastering the transition to the Information Age” (The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age).

On the threshold of XXI century the authors described the concept of cryptocurrency with supernatural accuracy, more than 10 years before the creation of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The book’s subtitle reads: “How to survive and succeed in the collapse of the welfare state”.

Prophets of bitcoin became the editor of the Times of London, William Rees-Mogg, many covering the economy and was a fan of the gold standard, and financier James Davidson, a frequent invited expert to Newsmax, known for his predictions about the disaster of the US economy.

The authors wrote that will start cybertools, which will inevitably lead to cyberdesign. The revolution in money will reduce the role of the state, eliminating the risk of loss in inflation: “the New cyber money will be denationalized. When sovereign individuals can make transactions without borders, outside of physical reality, they no longer need to adhere to long-known practice, when governments lower the value of their money through inflation”. Control will pass to the global market.

According to the soothsayers, digital money will consist of a cryptographically encrypted sequences of polysemous primes: “Soon you will pay almost every transaction on the world wide web at the same time, when you have concluded using the cyber-cache <…> a Unique, anonymous, and verifiable, the money will be adapted to the most enormous”. Divided into the smallest shares of value, they will be traded with a simple keystroke on billion market without borders.

Unlike Fiat currency that can be faked, “the new standard of digital gold or barter equivalents will be almost impossible to fake for mathematical reasons”, all banknotes will be unique.

Riis of Mogg and Davidson believed that the coming clash within Western civilization. No strings attached currency means the demise of a parasitic government that is enriched by productive members of society and redistributes received within the selected groups.

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