“Bitcoin Pablo Escobar”: the Brother of the world’s most famous drug Lord launches its own cryptocurrency

“Bitcoin Pablo Escobar”: the Brother of the world’s most famous drug Lord launches its own cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency space is really full of surprises. Roberto Escobar, the younger brother of the world’s most famous drug Lord Pablo Escobar, has launched its own cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diet (DDX), which, according to him, will be the last of the cryptocurrencies.

The new token promises to be more rapid and simple alternative to Bitcoin. Currently, the investment firm, Roberto Escobar Inc, is working on the initial range of coins (ICO), where users can purchase a token discount of 96 %: instead of $ 50 to purchase a coin for $2.

On the official website Diet of Bitcoin said that the issue of tokens is 1 000 000 DDX and will be released in three phases: 300,000 to DDX will be sold at a price of $ 50 (now thanks to the discount the price is $ 2), next 300 000 will cost $ 100 per coin, and the remaining 400 000 are estimated at $ 1,000.

According to the Executive Director Escobar Inc Daniel Reitberg, each simply must visit the project site and to purchase tokens:

“Everyone who has learned of the release, just have to go to the website www.dietbitcoinICO.org and DDX to buy as many as you can afford. In the end, Diet compares Bitcoin with Bitcoin. The only difference is that it is now 4000 times cheaper.”

Olof Gustafsson, CEO Escobar Inc., asks the question:

“Why do you buy Bitcoin which has no real team? Escobar Inc we are committed to fully support Bitcoin and a daily Diet to ensure that it happens.”

It should be noted that the forks of Bitcoin are not something new: there is a software that allows almost anyone to do it in a few clicks. That is why I advise you to be careful with investments in DDX.

In addition to the new cryptocurrency, Escobar has also released a book called “Bitcoin Pablo Escobar,” which explains his enthusiasm to create their own coin. This “rare” literature available for purchase on Amazon for $ 8, but you can also obtain a free copy on the official website Diet Bitcoin.

Incidentally, Roberto argues that, contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin was created by the American government, not the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. That’s why he can’t use an already existing cryptocurrency and creates its own:

“The world will understand that they created it. And when they come to this realization, it will be too late, the CIA will merge all your coins that will destroy the value of Bitcoin”.

Well, let’s see how successful a Diet will be Bitcoin, but Roberto looks to the future with optimism. The businessman claims that most of the currently available cryptocurrencies are fraudulent projects, and swears that his DDX will remain when others fall.

“You can hold on to their useless coins,” says Escobar in the book. “Keep Ethereum, keep TRON, keep Ripple, keep the Bitcoin. Will see what happens. They will all be equal to zero, or thereabouts. But not my coin. Because my coin is my life’s work!”.

But if to be objective, even to the fool it is clear why the representative of a family of drug dealers need a cryptocurrency. Bear, as called Roberto in the underworld, just has difficulty with transactions of money in the course of its activities. Cryptocurrency can easily solve problems of this kind.

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