Bitcoin is the most profitable asset in the history of mankind

Bitcoin is the most profitable asset in the history of mankind

Bitcoin and its rapid growth to 20 thousand dollars became the main topic of discussion in the media a little over a year ago. New investors in the industry was attracted by stories of unimaginable profits, which received the first cryptocurrency investors happy. According to the economist of Sayfiddin Ammos, Bitcoin is the fastest growing asset in the history of mankind.

The best in the world

Ten years ago, the Bitcoin was “thrown” into society without any serious support from its Creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Over the years, the cryptocurrency has had to go through several cycles of growth and decline. Bitcoin was “buried” dozens of times, but while the project Nakamoto continues to live and to bring sky-high profits for its early investors.

Ammos said that while the contribution of hundreds of dollars in BTC in his early years brought more money than an investment in an IPO in the largest companies in the world. In other words, Bitcoin has left behind Apple, Microsoft, General Electric and Google.

“Bitcoin is a fundamentally new phenomenon that is different from anything we’ve seen. Your old tools for the analysis of bubbles, currencies and stocks just won’t work in the crypt.”

A major role in the explosive growth of digital asset was played by the procedure of halving, which occurs every four years. In the words of Ammos, it is the unique model of the emission of Bitcoin makes this asset attractive for new market players.

With cuts in rewards per block in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies reduced offer, which naturally leads to higher demand and higher prices of Bitcoin. By the way, having including is considered one of the key triggers for the next global bullrun. We will remind, following the procedure of Polovinnaya the reward must occur at the end of may 2020.

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