Bitcoin is now worth 11,000 US dollars. Altcoins are not far behind

Bitcoin is now worth 11,000 US dollars. Altcoins are not far behind

It was a historic week for the cryptocurrency market. Led by bitcoin, the price of which crossed the historic mark of $ 10,000, a lot of altcoins also set a historical record.

The intensity increase in the price of the cryptocurrency to the middle of the week remains, and the total capitalization in the last 24 hours rose by $ 26 billion and is now 334,3 billion dollars; needless to say, this is a new record high.

Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is only $ 17 billion, to surpass the overall assessment of JPMorgan, whose CEO spoke out about bitcoin, calling it a hoax.


Thanks to insatiable demand from Asian traders, the price of bitcoin on Tuesday reached $ 10,000. But on Wednesday, the growth continued, and the average price of bitcoin rose to 11.000 USD, and in the South Korean market, prices reach $ 12,000. At the time of this writing, the average price of bitcoin is $ 11.096, in the last 24 hours the price increased by 11%, and the capitalization is now equal 185,4 billion.

The price is rising with such speed that it is difficult to make any forecasts, but many analysts expect to see a correction in the market, at least short-term.

Ethereum has raised nearly $500

On the other hand, Ethereum behaved relatively calm today. The current price of the cryptocurrency rose 2.5% during the day and at the time of this writing is $ 486. This makes ethereum close to record high, set earlier this week, and it is likely that price will overcome the level of $ 500 in the near future.

Litecoin and Dash

On Wednesday, the capitalization of altcoins increased by $ 6 billion. It is noteworthy that one result of this was that each of the top 10 crypto-currencies is now estimated at no less than $ 3 billion.

Litecoin, which is on the 6th place in the ranking for the first time in its history crossed the mark of $ 100.

Dash has also increased by 13 percent over the last knocks, and the currency managed to set a new record high of $707.

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