Bitcoin has already handled $ 6 trillion and continues to evolve into a global currency

Bitcoin has already handled $ 6 trillion and continues to evolve into a global currency

To measure the true value of Bitcoin is not so simple. There are many different aspects and factors that you always need to take into account. An important indicator you should pay attention to is the nominal amount of money transferred through the network. Current statistics indicates that Bitcoin copes with the role of currency.

The concept of Bitcoin there is already more than nine years. During the first two to three years of special interest in the cryptocurrency was not observed. Since then, much has changed. More and more people pay attention to Bitcoin, and the reasons are different.

Over the past few years, more than $ 6 trillion was transferred over the Bitcoin network. It’s a pretty impressive amount for a “niche market”. Overall this is a very positive sign because it proves that Bitcoin has a real application. The figures also include the remuneration of miners and movement of funds on the stock exchange.

To date, the daily volume of transactions in the network of Bitcoin is $ 10 billion. It is definitely more than seemed possible nine years ago.

Obviously, the number of Bitcoin users continues to grow. In the past year we have seen a rush of global interest. Every day there are new users who wish to understand and start using Bitcoin. Their number will certainly increase when you increase the number of cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

In addition, Bitcoin is the world’s only cross-border currency. He is not burdened by trade agreements or contractual exchange rates. In fact, it is the only currency that governments do not have real rights, despite all their efforts. However, Bitcoins have a long road ahead before it will become a global currency .

It is important that the developers are not resting on our laurels and are constantly trying to improve Bitcoin.

For example, the algorithm “selection of coins” of the blockchain of Bitcoin will soon receive an important update. Code, deciding which data to participate in the formation transactions will be optimized to reduce fees for remittances.

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