Bitcoin Gold plans hardwork to protect themselves from attack 51%

Bitcoin Gold plans hardwork to protect themselves from attack 51%

Team Bitcoin Gold (BTG), is planned hard forks to avoid attacks 51%, and to defend against threats from ASIC miners.

The threat from ASIC miners

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) appeared in October 2017, as a fork of bitcoin (BTC), which took place on the block 491407. The purpose of the fork was to make the network independent from ASIC miners.

However, Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of ASIC-s, has released a new miner called Antminer Z9, which is specially designed for mining cryptocurrency on the basis of Equihash algorithm used in Bitcoin Gold. The team quickly reacted to the emergence of a new miner:

We will not allow it. Opposition ASIC mining is the Foundation of our mission.

The team planned to make changes to the algorithm Equihash. The new version of the algorithm called Equihash-BTG. Briefly, the solution is to make ASIC mining “extremely unfavorable”.

The opposition attack 51%

Currently, the algorithm uses Equihash several cryptocurrencies, so it is easy to acquire the necessary amount of power for the attack 51%. But as soon as Bitcoin Gold will move to its own algorithm, this cryptocurrency will be much less vulnerable to such attacks.

Recall that in late may, the Bitcoin network with Gold was attacked by 51%, which resulted in the attackers managed to “earn” about $ 18 million in BTG.

At the moment the exact date of the fork is unknown, the team says before starting to conduct a thorough testing.

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