launch a debit Visa card for Bitcoin Cash launch a debit Visa card for Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver, one of the most staunch supporters of Bitcoin Cash, wrote in his Twitter that soon will release a Bitcoin debit card Cash Visa.

In the competition between bitcoin and Cash Bitcoin, Roger Ver is known as a supporter of the latter, and continues to assert, in spite of everything that BCC – this is the real bitcoin is the one which really complies with the recommendations in the white paper 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The main difference between Bitcoin and Cash at the same time the advantage over the original bitcoin is the block size equal to 8 MB, which allows you to handle more number of transactions (over 10-minute period required for the emergence of new units) and the fee per transaction is also much less.

However, many in the bitcoin community reacted to the emergence of Bitcoin as Cash to try to undermine the position of the original bitcoin.

Now, with the advent of Visa debit cards, the price of Bitcoin Cash is likely to rise because with the card you can easily pay Bitcoin Cash. With this has now arisen the problems of bitcoin, for example, a gaming portal Steam has ceased to accept bitcoins due to the high fees.

Although other solutions exist (TenX and Monaco) for users wishing to use digital currency via debit cards, to Cash Bitcoin, of course, add to the popularity of this cryptocurrency.

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