ICO plans ICO plans

CEO Roger Ver has hinted that it may hold ICO.

It happened during a story about a new tool that will allow developers to produce tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain Cash.

Along with one of the leading developers Corbin Fraser, Ver told about the Cash Protocol is Wormhole, which allows you to create tokens on the Bitcoin Cash, and provides completely new possibilities for developers.

Anyway, ICO and CryptoKitties likely to appear in the Bitcoin network Cash.

Roger Ver, in particular, stated that:

Probably this will happen with We were thinking about holding their own ICO, perhaps, for the gaming part of the platform; perhaps we will release the token and will continue to pay dividends or use some of the money… to buy tokens on the market.” known for its support of Bitcoin Cash, as well as Bitmain, which recently announced IPO.

According to many commentators, this should help solve the cash flow problems that have arisen at the company after it began supporting Bitcoin Cash.

Samson MOU of Blockstream believes that this step proved disastrous for Bitmain:

According to the passport of the investor Bitmain IPO, they sold most of their BTC for BCH. For the price of about 900 US dollars for BCH. Thus, in three months they lost more than half a billion dollars.

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