Bitcoin Cash is planning to increase the size of the block. Again

Bitcoin Cash is planning to increase the size of the block. Again

The developers of the Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin ABC team spoke about their preliminary plans to increase the size of the block of the Bitcoin Cash in the next year.

This can be seen from the road map project for 6-12 months, published yesterday and in which we are talking about two hardforce, one of which will be held in may and the second in November 2018.

In particular, the developers claim that:

We want to make it more reliable, more scalable, with low commissions and are ready for rapid growth. It should “just work” without difficulties or problems. He should be ready for global acceptance and to provide a solid Foundation for enterprises.

Cash Bitcoin supporters believe that the increase in block size is the key to achieving this.

In addition to increasing the size of the block, the developers propose other changes, such as the revival of some old rules that were previously deactivated.

However, the roadmap may change. The final look she gets only after discussions in the community. Bitcoin ABC is only one of the teams that work on the project. So far, only the developers nChain expressed support for the proposal.

The group plans to release an official announcement on the earlier of February 2018.

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