Bitcoin broke below $5500

Bitcoin broke below $5500

Today, April 23, the cost leader cryptocurrency market went on a five-month high, passing the mark of $ 5,500.

The graph shows that the strong upward movement was accompanied by a rise in trading volumes. Currently, the “digital gold” is trading around $5589, which corresponds to price values mid-November last year.

According to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is $98 766 992 329; total trading volume for the last day — a $16.2 billion market Capitalization of $184 billion, the index of dominance of Bitcoin — 53,2%. The latter figure suggests that in the portfolios of most of captainvalor dominated by BTC.

At the end of the last day in the “green zone” turned out to be most of the coins from the top ten popular rating. Exception — stablon Tether and somewhat “superheated” Binance Coin, which recently updated price max.

Recall that Bitcoin has shown a growth of 40% since the beginning of 2019 — this is the best result in comparison with Nasdaq, S&P 500, real estate, oil and gold.

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