Bitcoin boosted Japan’s GDP by 0.3%

Bitcoin boosted Japan’s GDP by 0.3%

Analysts at Japanese financial giant Nomura found that the share of bitcoin in Japan’s GDP is about 0.3%.

The message for customers pereveden Business Insider, Yoshiaki Simon and Kazuki Miyamoto, considered positive the fact that a large number of Japanese people have invested in bitcoin. According to their point of view, this has had a positive impact on consumer spending.

This happened due to a serious breakthrough in relation to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, which occurred this year in Japan. Thanks to a progressive regulatory framework, Japan has taken a leading position in the cryptocurrency world, an important role in the popularization of bitcoin has been played by the recognition of it as a means of payment.

After strengthening the legal position of the price of bitcoin began to rise with such speed that Nomura suggests it may have a “measurable effect” on Japan’s GDP.

The magnitude of the increase in the cost of these assets can hardly be ignored.

This opinion contrasts sharply with the opinions of leading American traditional analysts. For example, Dennis Gartman and Sean Boyd both said in a CNBC interview last week that investors will soon return to gold because the volatility of bitcoin – not for most investors.

In addition, Hartmann predicts the collapse in the price of bitcoin below $ 5,000, though not specifies the terms in which this can happen.

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