Bitcoin ABC won the “war of Harrachov”. Fork renamed the Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin ABC won the “war of Harrachov”. Fork renamed the Bitcoin Cash

Recall all the attention, cryptocommunist last week was drawn to Cash Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency went through the procedure for regular hard forks. After splitting the blockchain BCH began the “war of Harrachov” between the fork BSV and Bitcoin ABC. While the second won most of the victories, including the beginning of trading on one of the largest exchanges of the stock market.

Bitcoin Cash “returns” to Huobi

This event is reported by the exchange on the official Huobi Global account on Twitter. Now Bitcoin ABC renamed the BCH.

“Huobi Global believe that behind Bitcoin ABC team took all necessary measures to ensure protection against attacks of re-playability. BCH ABC is the longest chain of blocks will be reformatted in the BCH. The SV version of Bitcoin will trade under the Ticker symbol BSV.”

Judging by the statement of the leadership of Huobi, a Bitcoin ABC team officially won the “war of Harrachov”. At least we are talking about part exchange. All holders of Bitcoin Cash who kept their coins in the account at the time hard forks will receive a BSV in the 1:1 ratio. A snapshot of the status of traders accounts held at 00:40 local time of Singapore. It became known that BSV will also accrue to the holders BCH on Kraken.

At the end of his message, the representatives of Huobi said that hardwork is one of the main factors that increase the volatility of the market.

“Hardwork can still create sharp fluctuations in prices. Consider all the risks in Forex trading, manage your assets with care.”

Note, Bitcoin Cash also blame the rapid fall of Bitcoin. Is it going to rebound the cryptocurrency or continue to decline. Some analysts are more inclined to the second option, so bullrun will have to wait.

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