Birthday Satoshi Nakamoto coincides with two important events in U.S. history: the obvious connection

Birthday Satoshi Nakamoto coincides with two important events in U.S. history: the obvious connection

April 5, 2018 – the date that bitcoin enthusiasts will remember as the birthday of the Creator of “cryptocurrency number 1” Satoshi Nakamoto. This day coincides with two rather important events in U.S. history.

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is shrouded in mystery. The only thing we know about him is information from his page on the website P2P Foundation, according to which yesterday, April 5, he was 43 years old.

In order to register for an account on the P2P Foundation website, you need to specify your date of birth. On page Satoshi Nakamoto this information is not public, but people around the world watched his account’s every day to know when to change his age. The result found out that Satoshi Nakamoto was born on 5 April 1975. This date brings together two important moments in American history.

April 5, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt issued an order that the possession of gold in the country will be “outside the law”. This meant the actual confiscation from the population and associations of gold,

in bullion and coins. This measure was designed to cope with the effects of the great depression. According to the Decree No. 6102 all U.S. citizens were required before may 1, 1933 in banks to exchange gold for paper money at a price of $20.66 per ounce. This, in 1934, followed by the law on the gold reserve of 1934, involving the confiscation of gold from banks. And only in 1975, the Americans returned the right to own gold.

There is a likelihood that on April 5, 1975 — not a real birthday Satoshi Nakamoto. But I think the Creator of Bitcoin has strengthened its intentions with crypto-currencies, choosing such a significant occasion. Indeed, many in the cryptocurrency community compares bitcoin with gold.

The fact that birthday on page Satoshi Nakamoto reflects two important dates, is not accidental. Supporters of Bitcoin believe that people have the opportunity to have a currency that is not under any centralized control, and thus largely protected against interference from the government.

However, the recent strict measures of China against cryptocurrency exchanges and serious restrictions and bans worldwide indicates that governments still exercise significant control over individual finances and can, if they wish to close access to crypto exchanges, mining and trading.

Embodied vision Satoshi Nakamoto in life — we have yet to see.

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