Binance will not enter dollar trading pair

Binance will not enter dollar trading pair

Despite all the hype surrounding the possibility of adding dollar trading pairs on Binance, the company has denied these rumors and called them fake.

After rumors that will appear on Binance dollar currency pairs the price of a cryptocurrency took off. For example, the price Ripple on Friday rose by almost 20% in just a day.

Meanwhile, the representative of the exchange in an email addressed to Bloomberg, said that all these rumors are only rumors.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in trading volume and lack of trading pairs in the Fiat currency that allows the exchange to avoid numerous problems with the regulation.

However, Binance offers pair with USDT, which is known as pegged to the U.S. dollar.

Most users Binance, in order to start working on the stock exchange, you must first purchase the cryptocurrency at the local exchange or exchanges. And, despite the complexity of the process, it’s worth it because the exchange is not only the largest in terms of trading, but the safe at the moment.

This is the only stock exchange in the attempted burglary which has lost money to hackers, and not users of the exchange.

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