Binance temporarily resumed registration of new users

Binance temporarily resumed registration of new users

5 th we wrote about the fact that many of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges has suspended the registration of new users.

One of these exchanges is Binance, young, even by the standards of the cryptocurrency industry, the stock exchange, but which, nevertheless, is one of the leading places in the market thanks to aggressive marketing and the wide opportunities it provides for traders. The number of trade pairs for which Binance provides an opportunity to trade – up to several hundreds.

Today, representatives of this exchange in a post on the official blog announced that temporarily resumed registration of new users. To register on the official website.

Every day for some time the opportunity to register will be available for new users. We will not advance notice of the time when you can register.

In addition, in Binance also said that they change the affiliate Commission for referring new users from 50% to 20%.

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