Binance is going to launch a decentralized exchange

Binance is going to launch a decentralized exchange

In just a few months from startup Binance turned into cryptocurrency exchange number one (in trading volume).

Now, however, the exchange’s management plans to redirect his energy on a new project.

In a recent message to the stock exchange stated that:

After a careful study of frameworks for decentralized exchange and analysis of existing implementations, we believe they may be considerably modified and improved in order to provide users with Binance the level to which they have become accustomed. Centralized and decentralized exchanges will coexist in the near future, complementing each other.

At the moment, decentralized exchange and the stock exchange has strongly criticized because of the complicated interfaces are not optimized for users. Binance plans to create a hybrid service in which functions are decentralized exchanger will be supplemented with an intuitive interface usual trading platform.

The project will exist on Binance Chain, which in turn will become fully decentralized. Token BNB will be a native token of the blockchain.

From company to community

The company has not yet provided any other details about the project. But this step is unprecedented in the history of cryptocurrency exchangers, which are often criticized as centralized structures to decentralized ecosystem.

The news is not yet influenced the price of BNB token. At the moment it is around 8.12 USD. However, in the long term, this could be a turning point in the history of cryptocurrency.

In the coming days should see more details about the project:

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