Binance cryptocurrency suspend trading for technical reasons. Users resent

Binance cryptocurrency suspend trading for technical reasons. Users resent

Yesterday, January 6 popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance abruptly closed its platform to execute temporary “system maintenance”.

Representatives promised that the website will work in the same mode for 12 hours. But it seems that the company faced additional problems. Binance says that the site will remain closed for several more hours.

Needless to say the consequences of such statements. Users are indignant, believing that the representatives of the crypto exchanges are required to give prior notice of such downtime.

«Service. ..shocking ” is discussed in a thread on Reddit. “This should not happen again without notice …”

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency exchange argues that the reason for the delay is “unanticipated slowdown” in the speed of data synchronization:

Binance promised its users that the exchange will fully resume on Friday, February 9, at about 4 am (UTC). The message further States that users will be able to use “all other related account functions” at least “30 minutes before the start of trading”.

CEO Binance, Chanpen Zhao constantly post on Twitter, trying to explain to users the essence of the problems faced by the exchange:

“All because it was not did what had to be done. On the breaking out of the question»

Given the recent cryptocurrency boom, many exchanges are faced with technical problems. Binance and Bittrex at some point were forced to stop registering new users, to maintain stable operation of its systems. Bittrex has still not opened the check, and Binance quickly resumed this function.

Within hours after the announcement that registration on Binance is possible again (in early January), create your account rushed 250,000.

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