Binance canceled all “unusual” transactions and working normally

Binance canceled all “unusual” transactions and working normally

After yesterday’s incident, when many users kubaisa cryptocurrency exchanges recorded in their accounts for unusual activity, Binance stated that:

All suspicious transactions have been cancelled. Functions, transactions, deposits, etc. Work as usual. After some time we will report about the incident. Interestingly, the attack suffered by the hackers. These funds we will donate to a charitable organization Binance.

This became known from the tweet Executive Director Binance:

The company argued that the attack was made possible due to the fact that users use third-party services (deriding bots) who have had access to their accounts via the API key. But this access was obtained via a specially crafted phishing site, which was intercepted usernames and passwords, after which they redirectives on this site Binance.

However, some users disagree and claim that they never used and do not generate API keys for your accounts. So to say unequivocally what happened on Danny moment.

But it is known that due to the fact, that triggered the protective mechanisms of the exchange loss of users ‘ funds was averted.

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