Bill gates: I would have shorter bitcoin if I could

Bill gates: I would have shorter bitcoin if I could

The founder of Microsoft, bill gates in an interview with CNBC on 7 may said that bitcoin is a pyramid, and that he would Shorty (played in the fall) of bitcoin, if they could.

Gates, who in February argued that cryptocurrencies “responsible for the death of people”, said that:

As an asset class, it do not produce anything, and you should not expect that it will grow. It is a kind of pyramid in its pure form, you just hope that someone after you will buy it at a higher price.

I would sortil bitcoin if there was some easy way to do it.

Curiously, the words of the gates comes at a time when the cryptocurrency niche include more institutional investors. Banking giant Goldman Sachs last week confirmed that he will not only join this industry, but also will offer customers tools for working with bitcoin directly.

Guide Goldman does not consider that cryptocurrency is a Scam, though still consider them highly risky assets.

However, the founder of Microsoft, this asset does not look reliable even in the short term.

Bitcoin ICO is the most speculative and crazy things.

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