Bill Clinton will open the conference Ripple

Bill Clinton will open the conference Ripple

Former US President bill Clinton will speak at the opening of the conference Ripple Swell, which will be held this year.

The 42nd President of the United States will deliver the opening speech and take part in a session of questions and answers. The conference will be held in San Francisco in early October.

Clinton served as US President during the “extreme spread and adoption of the Internet.” He also oversaw programs that helped organizations and individuals to access the Internet during his presidency.

This knowledge, perhaps now more relevant than ever before. As during the Internet boom of the 90s, we are in a period when digital assets and blockchain technology fundamentally change the existing financial order. However, this technology is of concern, therefore needs deliberate policies that would, at the same time, not interfere with innovation.

Session of questions and answers will guide former Director of the National economic Council and gene Sperling, who worked under the leadership of Clinton and President Barack Obama, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Ripple.

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