Best wallet working on supporting Bitcoin Cash address

Best wallet working on supporting Bitcoin Cash address

Manufacturer of cold wallets best wallet stated that it is working on the integration Cashaddr, the standard addresses adopted in a Bitcoin Cash.

This was reported by Bach N. in a tweet which also contained the link to the project on Github.

The project consists of three commits, and among the participants there are Pavol Rusnak from Satoshi Labs. Author and lead developer of the project Jochen Honice believes that:

Support cashaddr you must implement outside of the firmware. Webwallet calculates addresses cashaddr based on the xpub. Changes are necessary only in the last step. Webwallet checks that best wallet returns the required address during the test is allowed only one address, so we can support old IOS (so we would not need to deploy both versions at the same time). The firmware supports both, and both use SPENDADDRESS. The only difference is the confirmation message that is sent to the user; the format of the transaction not changed at all.

If so, this is an interesting turn of events in the mini-drama surrounding this issue. Last summer, shortly before the result, the fork appeared Bitcoin Cash, that Mr. Rusnak warned on Github:

I suggest to change the address so that it was obvious that this address Bitcoin Cash. (For example, it may begin with C). Don’t forget to change the version of P2SH addresses for! “

Best wallet works for the clients no matter what the ideology

Lead developer of Bitcoin Cash, Amaury Sechet (deadalnix otherwise known as) at the time, responded to the warning by Mr. Rusnak

I agree. I have plans to change the format of the address. Change the address format is expensive, so I would like to explore other available options (apart from changing the prefix) before to make a decision. I also will have to convince others that it is a good option address.

Eventually Cashaddr was used. Only two weeks ago, the best wallet you responded on Reddit to the question, when will implemented support for Bitcoin Cash:

This disorder appeared due to poor architectural design [BCH]. We warned them, they knew about the problems, and they decided to ignore them. Support Cashaddr is in the standard development process, and it will be ready when it’s ready.

Despite the fact that the General tone of the response is hardly positive, it is obvious that the company is still working on supporting Bitcoin Cash, although it remains unclear when it will be ready.

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