Best cryptocurrency exchanges 2019 for beginners

Best cryptocurrency exchanges 2019 for beginners

Cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold or exchanged with the help of special platforms, called exchanges. Transactions with the digital currency are carried out using Fiat money and other cryptocurrencies.

There are exclusive private exchanges, which operate by invitation only, there are those that are available to the public. Local exchange offices are also the place to be. Some exchanges are so easy to use that digital assets can be sold directly via in-app chat feature certain popular instant messengers such as Telegram.

What to consider when choosing the best cryptocurrency exchanges

Rates. Almost all exchanges charge Commission for the conduct of business on their platforms. Make sure that when you register or participate in a particular operation, you know all about fees.

Verification and security. Most exchanges require any identity verification in the form of a passport, driver’s license, proof of residency or other similar document. On some platforms, the verification is not present at all.

Exchange rates. It is unlikely you will want to join the cryptocurrency exchange, which will charge draconian fees for transactions and exchanges. It is simply unfair to the customer financially.

Region. It is also important to choose the exchange, which is supported in your geographic region. Some exchangers working with all South American countries, but is not active in any Asian country, and Vice versa.

Reputation. Even the best of the best cryptocurrency exchanges were bad times, their UPS and downs. However, the General opinion about the really reliable exchangers always positive. The best exchanges have a solid reputation and enjoy the confidence of traders. Let’s look at some of them carefully.


The stock exchange is relatively young, began its work in 2017, but is already in the Top of the largest platforms in the world. The company’s head office located in Shanghai, however, the ban on cryptocurrency exchanges in China Binance forced to move to Hong Kong. Currently, the administration of the exchange is preparing documents for obtaining a license from the Japanese financial services Agency.

Binance stands out against competitors ‘ low fees, speed of transaction processing, friendly interface and high performance. This exchange does not provide its users with the opportunity to Fund my account with Fiat money, but the platform launched a crypto-Fiat exchange in Uganda.

Convenient and functional interface, available the Russian version, however, worth noting that very specific. In General, the exchange supports 14 languages.

Daily trading volume: over $1 300 000 000

The number of trading pairs: 451

Security: high

The fee for surgery: 0.1% per transaction with a 25% discount in case of payment Binance Coin (BNB).

Verification: present but not mandatory (it is required to output more than 2 PTS per day).

Limitations on withdrawals: the daily amount of funds that can be withdrawn from the stock exchange, depends on the level of verification. Having the first level you can withdraw any cryptocurrency worth up to 2 BTC per day, on the second level the daily limit is 100 BTC.

Ways to recharge: to recharge on Binance, you need to hover the mouse on the “Asset” drop-down menu, choose “Withdraw cash Deposit”. You will see a list of cryptocurrencies, in which you can make a Deposit.


Founded the first bitcoin-Agency in the CIS, KUNA Bitcoin Agency. The exchange has included in the list of the best venues for the exchange of cryptocurrency for 2017-2019 year. Finally, the Ukrainians, and generally everyone has the opportunity to purchase crypto-currency for the hryvnia. A simple registration process on the platform KUNA takes literally 30 seconds. Users also say the low Commission, quick support and the speed of the input and output of money.

Daily trading volume: approximately $200 000

The number of trading pairs: 16

Security: high

The Commission for operations: 0,25%

Limitations on withdrawal:

Ways to recharge: to restore the exchange as the crypto-currency and hryvnia, and now dollars; for translating token exchange generates a unique account number, which is assigned to the account; to replenish the expense of the hryvnia through GEO or through credit card Visa or Master Card, which must be issued to the resident of Ukraine.

The crypto currency exchange warns that some banks may have problems when depositing. Among them the largest Bank in Ukraine — PrivatBank.


EXMO — popular Russian-language universal platform. Today the service is used by over a million users from more than 170 countries. You can trade, buy and change the assets using Fiat currency such as dollar, Euro, ruble, hryvnia, zloty and Turkish Lira. For trading verification is not required, it is enough to enter your e-mail.

It’s safe to say that EXMO meet the high standards of service exchange and storage of cryptocurrency and Fiat currency, occupying a leading position in the CIS.

Daily trading volume: more than $24 million

The number of trading pairs: more than 80

Safety: average

The Commission for the transaction: 0,2%

Limitations on withdrawals: minimum $10, maximum $1100

The methods of payments: for the purchase of cryptocurrency means you can have any convenient way, represented on the exchange EXMO. In Ukraine it is convenient to use Visa card or Master Card, also available the payment system ADVcash; in Russia most popular services of Yandex Money and QIWI.

Another convenient way of depositing and withdrawing money can be called using the internal token exchange under the name EX-CODE, to purchase or to cash which you can use online exchangers.

Verification: present but not required (required to use separate payment systems with high security level, such as: SEPA, Payza, Bank Wire Transfer, money transfer systems Western Union and MoneyGram).

In conclusion, I would like to remind you, friends, be very careful when choosing the stock exchange, and to study in detail information and reviews from other users. If you will trust their money to unreliable platform, then nobody will be able to return your investment in case of a break-in.

That is why we, especially for newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry, gathered the most relevant information about three exchanges, which are ideal for the start.

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