Belarus will build a plant for the production of the miners

Belarus will build a plant for the production of the miners

In Belarus has announced plans to build a new plant, which will manufacture miners. The plant will be located in the Chinese-Belarusian industrial Park, which is currently being built in the special economic zone “Great Stone”.

For a project to build a new plant, there are Russian investors. According to “Belarus Today” the plant will produce equipment for industrial mining. Russian it-entrepreneur and owner Radius Group Dmitry Marinichev recently commented in an interview for the TV channel “Vesti-24”:

It will be closed the motherboard and the manufacture of miners.

Marinchev said that the miners will be equipped with advanced cooling systems. Excess energy can be used for heating homes and greenhouses. His partner Yan Ivanov added that “the demand for everything associated with cryptocurrencies has increased several times in recent months:

This is incredible. According to Belarusian experts, the market potential is in the order of $ 2 billion.

Russian miners are actively registering a company in Belarus. The forthcoming legalization of the cryptocurrency sector has stimulated business activity in the region, more and more companies come to the country. A special presidential decree on the liberalization of the mining industry and cryptocurrency will take effect March 28. The head of a small local business incubator Mikhail Kayseri commented on what is happening in Belarus now:

We recorded 2-3 new legal entities every day. We have not seen such dynamics for many years,

Many mining companies from Russia and Baltic countries come here. Say we have created all the necessary conditions.

Along with a favorable business climate, Belarus can offer enough cheap energy for the miners. Recently, a representative of “Belenergo” said that he does not expect any problems connected with electricity in connection with the arrival of miners in the country:

I don’t see any problems. We expect a large number of mining companies. This will benefit our country.

Mining boom started in Belarus after December, President Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree “On the development of the digital economy”. The country is struggling to overcome political and economic isolation in Europe. The authorities in Minsk received a good opportunity to do this is by liberalizing the cryptocurrency sector. Cheap energy can help Belarus to provide excellent conditions for mining companies.

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