Became known specifications and price for a 7-nm bitcoin miner from GMO

Became known specifications and price for a 7-nm bitcoin miner from GMO

At a press conference held yesterday, the Japanese Internet giant GMO told about the characteristics and the price of the miner’s own production known as “GMO miner B2”.

The official launch and presentation of the new miner will be held today. According to local newspaper the Nikkei:

GMO Miner B2 runs on chip “GMO 72b”, designed specifically for mining. The hash rate is 24 TH/s.

For comparison, Hasrat popular miner from Bitmain Antminer S9 is around 14TH/s. According to Bloomberg, GMO chips are designed in Japan and manufactured in Taiwan.

Masatoshi, Kumagai, Director, GMO Internet and GMO representative of the Group, described the new product:

Productivity per unit is higher than the main competitors ‘ products. At the moment our mining farm in North Europe employs about 20,000 miners, if we will replace them with GMO miner B2, we only need half as much space for them, but the performance will remain at the same level.

Power consumption

As for energy consumption, it is about 20% higher than other miners, at the same time GMO was able to somewhat reduce the cost by saving on components.


According to Nikkei, the miners will be sold through a subsidiary of the company in Zug, Switzerland. Orders will begin to be taken today and the first deliveries are expected by the end of October.

The cost will vary from month to month, depending on demand and other factors, and in June it will be about 1,999 USD. The number of miners that you plan to put in each month were not disclosed.

For comparison, the bitcoin miner from Bitmain, Antminer S9 costs around $ 837.


Masatoshi Kumagai told reporters that the company “has invested about 10 billion yen in the development of this product”:

We haven’t set any specific sales plans. However, even if we are not able to implement all the planned quantity, we will use these miners on their own farms.

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