BCH price exceeded $2000 after the announcement of adding BitPay

BCH price exceeded $2000 after the announcement of adding BitPay

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) today rose in price and exceeded the mark of $ 2,000, in all likelihood, because of the news that payments processor BitpPay integrate this cryptocurrency.

According to the report, published on Friday in the blog of BitPay, the need for additional payment options for stores accepting payments is becoming more acute. Over time, the service plans to add other payment options in the “other cryptocurrencies that have occurred from bitcoin”, and they plan to start with BCH.

We will start working on integrating Bitcoin Cash as a payment method this year, and let’s start with the possibility of replenishment cards BitPay. All invoices will be BitPay to enable Bitcoin payment in Cash by default from the beginning of 2018.

It seems that the news served as a catalyst for increasing trading volume. Investors began to buy BCH, pending that integration with BitPay will increase the popularity of the cryptocurrency.

The price for BCH all week remained relatively stable and ranged from 1700 to 1900. Obviously, investors did not hasten to react to the news from BitPay on the weekends that explains why the price started to increase only in the late afternoon Monday. At the time of publication of the article, the price for BCH has reached 2295 dollars.

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