Baidu launches the space game based on the blockchain technology

Baidu launches the space game based on the blockchain technology

Chinese search engine Baidu announced on Friday, a few days after launching its own blockchain platform called SuperChain, about the impending launch of a new space block of the game.

The game will be called Du Yuzhou, which means “universe”. In the game, which is a kind of space travel, users receive a special “elements” for construction of their own planets.

According to the official game site, the items are largely similar to tokens generated by bacchanal – will be initially available via airdrops. The more items accumulate, the users, the better and faster they will be able to develop your planet, which, as it grows, increases its gravity and absorbs more of the elements, and this, in turn, allows you to unlock additional functionality.

A representative from Baidu said that the aim of the game is to allow users to use the asset, which is very similar to cryptocurrency, but without the need to make monetary transactions:

Du Yuzhou is not another cryptocurrency, and experiment with the digital society.

More information about the game, such as what the blockchain is used for its operation, is still lacking. It is expected that the launch of the game will happen next week.

This Monday, Xiao Wei, the main blockchain developers Baidu, demonstrated the latest development of the company platform SuperChain, which, according to her statement, compatible with the networks bitcoin and ethereum can scale up to 100,000 transactions per second.

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