Avast: hackers able to create a million-strong army of miners

Avast: hackers able to create a million-strong army of miners

At the Mobile World Congress 2018 the Avast company dealing with cyber security, said that hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in smart TVs, smartphones and IoT devices that can create a million-strong army of miners Monero.

Head of mobile devices Avast GAGAN Singh warned that the trend of the transition of the hackers from the attacks of personal computers to attack smartphones:

“Until recently, cyber criminals used malicious software to secretly mine with the help of personal computers. Today we are witnessing another trend — the resurgence of attacks using IoT devices and smartphones”

GAGAN Singh said that he understands why the cybercriminals have an interest in mobile phones:

“The costs associated with mining are so large that the net profit from it is very low. That is why hackers are attacking more than tens of thousands, and millions of devices”

As proof of their assumptions, Avast wants to attract users to participate in a curious experiment and pamineti Monero from their smartphones.

The company is 15 800 volunteers and their device to 4 days to mine Monero in the amount of $ 1,000.

During the experiment, Avast will use smart TV, and the participants of the experiment will be mine Monero from their smartphones in real time. In the experiment, anyone can connect to mining Monero using their phones.

Mined coins company Avast will give the organization Pantallas Amigas to conduct Mobile World Congress 2019.

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