Authorities in Atlanta have been hacked.

Authorities in Atlanta have been hacked.

In the U.S. city of Atlanta, the hackers made the attack on government offices and demanding a ransom in the amount of $51 000 for the removal of locks from government resources. According to preliminary data, the fraudsters have closed the access to key systems, disabling viewing of the judicial data and processing payments.

At a press conference, the mayor of Atlanta Keisha lance bottoms said that “the extent of the attack is not yet known, and information about whether the affected personal data or Bank account of the inhabitants of the city yet.”

The attack was first discovered on March 22, at 5 a.m. local time. The incident affected both public and internal applications used by the city. Some city services stopped work.

It is reported that city officials work with the FBI, Department of homeland security and Microsoft to find out the extent of the attack and to find ways of solving this problem. City officials urged citizens to check their personal accounts for suspicious activity.

Authorities say that the actions of criminals is not affected by the system of public security, communication systems and the airport.

The final decision on the payment of ransom has not yet been made. Bitcoin at the time of publication was trading at $8909, this means that if the decision is made, then the buyout will cost the city about 6 bitcoins.

This is not the first case when hackers make attacks on municipal computer systems in exchange for cryptocurrency. In November 2017, the hacker attacked the regional transit system Sacramento for a ransom of 1 bitcoin, which at the time of the attack were worth about $8000.

In December 2017 in Germany, the terrorist sent a bomb to the pharmacy, located at the Christmas fair in Potsdam and demanded a ransom of 10 million euros in bitcoin. On the parcel with explosives from nails, bolts and fireworks were set QR code for depositing cryptocurrencies. The explosion never happened.

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