Austrian Raiffeisen Bank has joined R3 blockchain consortium

Austrian Raiffeisen Bank has joined R3 blockchain consortium

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) became the first Austrian banking group, which joined a consortium of R3.

The Bank which manages a banking network in Central and Eastern Europe, confirmed his participation in the draft DLT and desire “to share information and to interact with colleagues”, as well as to develop its own blockchain projects.

Michael Hyuller, Plenipotentiary representative of the RBI stated:

The use of technological platforms such as Corda, gives us access to extensive expertise in the field of infrastructure of commercial applications.

Network R3 consists of more than 160 international members from different industries including banks, financial institutions, technology companies, trade associations, etc.

In may of this year, the group announced the receipt of more than $ 100 million to Finance its activities, and then released the beta version of the software platform Corda in June.

Last week R3 announced new integration capabilities Corda with the cloud service from Microsoft Azure, in order to simplify the development and deployment of applications CorDapp R3.

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