August 10, the price of bitcoin will grow and will rise to 65 thousand dollars

August 10, the price of bitcoin will grow and will rise to 65 thousand dollars

According to one of the leading experts on cryptocurrency bitcoin could rise to 65 thousand US dollars.

Teak Tiwari is a leading expert on investing in cryptocurrencies in Palm Beach Confidential – consulting company in the field of investment. It was in July 2017, when the cryptocurrency market fell by 40% and BTC was trading at $ 1,800, said that bitcoin will grow to $ 10,000 before the end of 2017. The main reason for such statements of Tick called the announcement of BTC-futures, which was supposed to be launched by the end of 2017 and, as you know, by the end of the year the price of BTC rose to almost US $ 20,000.

Recently, in the mailing to their customers Tick made a prediction, which claims that the price of bitcoin will rise about 10 times from current prices. In other words, he argues that the price of BTC will rise to 65 thousand dollars.

The main reason that he believes the launch of a bitcoin ETF.

Since 2014 there have been several attempts to launch an ETF on bitcoin, because this would greatly simplify the buying and selling of bitcoin for many people. This tool will allow you to “log in” in the field of cryptocurrencies numerous group of new investors. Winklevoss brothers are trying to run ETF in 2014. However, until now, all attempts to launch this product were blocked SEC.

But in the beginning of this year are already talking about the fact that there is a chance of the appearance of this product. So now do this the player who has the opportunity, power and influence to bring matters to the end – CBOE. This is one of the biggest American stock exchanges. Unlike its application to ETFs in that they offered full insurance of your product. And one of the reasons why the SEC missed the previous applications was the protection of investors.

If the money is stolen, the exchange is hacked, the keys will be lost and in case of other emergency situations ETF, investors will be protected.

According to Tick the news about the launch of ETF is almost the best news in the entire existence of bitcoin:

This ETF will provide access to the cryptocurrency to people that the word of Coinbase in my life have never heard that concept does not have and will not have about what private key is and what to do with it.

This is the universal adoption of bitcoin – and this is super bullish news.

I want you to ignore what is happening now, got pushed back your fears and focus on the future. At current prices you will be looking as well as are now looking at 1.8 K for bitcoin last summer.

At the moment the SEC was allowed to publish comments on the proposal CBOE to launch ETF on its website. It is expected that a decision on this issue will be made on August 10.

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