At Ripple 5 new clients from 4 countries

At Ripple 5 new clients from 4 countries

Blockchain startup Ripple today announced the signing of new partnership agreements with banks and companies in the field of money transfers from 4 different countries.

According to a press release from the two banks: Itaú Unibanco of Brazil and IndusInd of India; together with companies from the sphere of money transfers InstaReM from Singapore, Beetech from Brazil, and Zip Remit of Canada will work with various platforms Ripple to simplify international money transfers.

While Beetech and Zip Remit plan to use the product xVia from Ripple, IndusInd, InstaReM and Itaú Unibanco plan to use xCurrent to carry out international transactions in real time.

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In addition, as Beetech, and Zip Remit plan to enter into a partnership agreement with the Chinese money transfer service LianLian, who recently also began to use xCurrent.

InstaReM CEO stated that this partnership will help Ripple because now the other partners of the startup can take advantage of the growing network of the company.

Now members RippleNet can handle a large number of payments in the countries of South-East Asia via a secure system InstaReM.

Head of development of the company Ripple Patrick Griffin added that the new partnerships is especially popular among customers in emerging markets:

No matter who is our customer, a teacher from the USA who sends money home to his family in Brazil or a small business owner in India who is trying to transfer money to open another store in another country, it is necessary that financial institutions in the world began as a result of such payment system that works for the benefit of the client, not against him.

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