ASIC is moving to the Crimea? Than it threatens the Peninsula

ASIC is moving to the Crimea? Than it threatens the Peninsula

Permanent representative of the occupied Crimea under the RF President, Geogre Muradov at a meeting of the organizing Committee of the international Yalta economic forum proudly announced that Chinese investors are seriously looking towards the Peninsula with the intention to organize in Crimea the Assembly of equipment for mining. Most likely, we are talking about ASIC miners.

According to Muradova, it is not just the agreement in words, the cooperation agreement needs to be signed already in April:

“We go to the Chinese investors operating in the field of blockchain technology, who are heavily. As the first pilot project they want to sign an agreement to build equipment here for blockchain technology. This high-tech electronic equipment that they could collect using the conditions of the Crimean free economic zone”.

Muradov added that he considers this area of cooperation are important and promising. Important and promising for whom? Let’s understand what is the consequence of the “great migration” of the Chinese in the Crimea.

First, you have to wonder — why Crimea? This is not the first encroachments of the Chinese on this territory. Worth a drive to the Google query “why the Chinese want to Crimea” as you will give a lot of brilliant ideas of Chinese investors how to use the resources of the Peninsula.

The answer lies not only in natural resources but in human resources. We all have to admit the sad fact that now the labor force is cheaper than in China.

So what the Chinese people will bring us? Nothing good. Just look at the fruits of their activities on deforestation in Siberia. The taiga lungs of our planet, is subjected to total destruction by the Chinese, who operate under the protection of officials. Cut down the forest to rot in the rain and snow kilometers of mountains, and it is unclear why it was cut. At the same time, local residents can not allocate for their own needs even several cubic meters of wood.

What’s more important — the Chinese are not renowned for their desire to give jobs to the local population. Often they bring their workaholic, apparently, working for food, and they inhabit the territory.

All of the above seems like criticism of the Chinese and, like, make them the culprits for all ills. But we are well aware that there’s a reason why except the Chinese, no one wants to cooperate with Russian business, even with existing resources.

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