Ashton Kutcher donates $ 4 million in XRP charitable Foundation Ellen DeGeneres

Ashton Kutcher donates $ 4 million in XRP charitable Foundation Ellen DeGeneres

While most cryptocurrency enthusiasts come to the market to make money, there are those who use virtual coins to make the world a better place for present and future generations.

Wednesday morning from Ashton Kutcher was prepared an incredible surprise for Ellen DeGeneres. Acclaimed actor along with business partner guy Oseary was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres, where he announced the Grand donation to the wildlife Fund.

40-year-old actor along with guy announced that it is donating 4 million dollars to rescue the population of gorillas. The donation was made to the Ripple, which enables global payments in real time from anywhere in the world. Ellen couldn’t believe that a longtime friend donated a huge amount of her organization:

This is a huge surprise for me and the biggest donation to the wildlife Fund Ellen DeGeneres.

Kutcher and Oseary at the time, invested in Ripple millions of dollars, and their donation is a kind of way to “repay” the community. The funds were instantly credited, during the show, which allowed viewers to see how the platform works Ripple.

Ashton Kutcher is a co-founder of venture Fund A-Grade Investments, which he uses to invest in different fintech firms. The actor is a big investor in BitPay, a payment processor that allows merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin.

Ashton is a big fan of cryptocurrencies and vengeance extols decentralized technology, stating that the fact that Big Brother cannot control the transaction, is a huge plus for users.

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