“Ashiki” from Bitmain: A3 repeat the fate of D3 – idiocy or fraud?

“Ashiki” from Bitmain: A3 repeat the fate of D3 – idiocy or fraud?

With the release of new miners Antminer A3 in Internet do not stop a heated debate about their effectiveness and reasonableness of the acquisition.

Bitmain is the largest (and probably the cheapest) manufacturer of equipment for mining cryptocurrency, and they are also the owners of the cloud mining service Hashnest, they are also holders of the pool Antpool.

Recently (namely, January 17, 2018), they launched the first batch of devices called Antminer A3 working on the Blake algorithm(2b). This algorithm is used in mining only one coin – Siacoin. The initial price for the device is $2375, and send them promised within 10 days after the payment to Bitmain, in General, is not typical.

As Bitmain has not bothered to tell anyone about this event, the developers of the Sia and the miners that buy Bitmain products instantly excited. First, from the fact that the Chinese didn’t, and the future of the coin could be under threat, the second – in anticipation of the wild mining, which by that time was to bring more than 530 USD per day. The following figures show all calculators at the start of A3 sales.

The boiling of the disturbed mind in the Sia community has resulted in real threats to disable all Antminer A3 with soft-fork coins, but then they thought better of it, and it seems to be temporarily decided to do nothing.

Meanwhile, experienced miners, who half a year ago raped hemorrhoids bought all the money of the other devices, namely, Antminer D3, waiting for the arrival of 500-700 dollars a night, began to talk about the fact that the mining Siacoin will be exactly the same story: as soon as the first batch of devices will be plugged in, Hasrat and complexity of the Sia network will grow to such indicators that about any 500 dollars a day you can not imagine.

It is possible that the situation with the mining Sia is even worse than DASH, as all stocks in D3 Bitmain has already sold out, and the yield fell to “level the socket” just now, when all of bitcoin has fallen by 25% during the day (and before that, another 50% within one month). As for Sia, it could be much worse. Now the second of February, the day of the release of the A3 it’s been 15 days and, therefore, the first batch of devices is already partially (!) arrived, at least until the Chinese miners and customers in neighboring countries. What does the calculator?

The website WhatToMine.com believes that one Antminer A3 “clean” will bring the day from 23 to 28 dollars. It now. But let’s not forget that (1) the complexity of the network Sia is growing every plugged in A3; (2) the prices of all cryptocurrencies quickly and confidently continue to fall, and (3) – don’t forget that Sia have their own miners Obelisk SC1, which is also on the way.

So “not long tormented the old lady”, in the near future the Sia mining equipment from Bitmain has a good chance to catch up with the cost of electricity consumed for the operation of the devices.

In a Chinese company, apparently, understand it. So the second batch A3 is sold at VERY reduced price – $980 apiece. Moreover, after “arrival” by Sia, Bitmain came up with a cunning move – all buyers a “native” Sia miner Obelisk the Chinese give a coupon code for $ 800 for the purchase of its equipment. Thus, it is possible to buy a single A3 for $ 180. However, delivery will only 15-22 March, and by the time when customers will receive their devices, they can do that dampness in cellars, to destroy.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the D3, which runs on the X11 algorithm, you can switch to mining other coins, in that case, if the DASH will be completely unsuitable for mining, but with the A3, so do not work – Blake algorithm(2b) is used ONLY in Sia.

Today, after the daily collapse of cryptocurrency by 20-25% in Bitmain grabbed his head – had a big “oops.” The fact that the only means of payment for the purchase of miners recently was Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Price in store Bitmain fixed in dollars, so to spend BCH for the purchase of equipment will have much more. Great Chinese brain thought, and decided to accept us dollars including, but only for Antminer A3, although there are other devices.

It is obvious that Bitmain are working not fools, and they clearly understand that from A3 need to get rid of because of two weeks to three of them, no one will buy, and made the “toasters” a lot.

In the end I want to ask a rhetorical question, voiced in the title of the article: idiocy or fraud? Most likely the latter. The difficulty of mining any coin is calculated elementary. In Bitmain can predict how they will mine any device through a day or two, a month, a year, so that customers will remain with the donut hole, the Chinese know in advance. A decline in the price 1.6 times and the subsequent distribution of coupons for $ 800 can you tell us about the approximate cost of the miners and about how much profit the company can extract from fans of easy money.

Be reasonable, make informed decisions and don’t let greed win common sense! A good hash 🙂

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