As “Vkontakte” to extort bitcoins

As “Vkontakte” to extort bitcoins

In Vkontakte, the cases of extortion of cryptocurrency. Attackers use the hype around accusations of extremism for posts and comments in social networks.

Reportedly, the extortionists find on the pages posts, for which, in theory, against the man could be brought, and begin to blackmail him. The attacker tells the victim that will tell you about recording to the police if she did not pay him a ransom. In one case, it was about $150 in bitcoins:

“Her in the social network Vkontakte received a message from an unknown female profile. Where the question was asked — hi, are you from St. Petersburg? — then came the story about how seriously law enforcement agencies currently pay attention to the content of the posts on the walls of users of the social network Vkontakte. In this regard, because such careful monitoring is $ 150 in bitcoins I am willing to forget the content of this post. Also provides a link to the post,” according to lawyer Viktoria Zhdanova.

In the last few months, Russia has increasingly prosecuted on users of Vkontakte, accusing them of extremism for reposts and comments. This theme is most actively discussed since the advent of the case against a resident of the Altai Krai Mary Motunau. The girl faces six years in prison for stored in Vkontakte demotivators.

According to statistics from 2017 in Russia almost every day criminal case connected with publications in social networks. In the network all the popping instructions on how to protect themselves from the attention of investigators and users delete posts and saved pictures.

Public organization advocate that to mitigate punishment on the so-called “articles for reposts”. One of these bills is now awaiting reading in the state Duma.

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