As the magic word “blockchain” increases the value of the shares

As the magic word “blockchain” increases the value of the shares

Blockchain-mania continues. There is a new passion – companies changing their names to include the word “blockchain” and then watching the growth of their shares.

According to the Verge, the company “Long Island Drinks Corp” was called “Long Blockchain”, which instantly led to the rise of shares by 200%.

Similarly, the California startup Vapetek changed its name to Nodechain, offering only vague promises about its plans related bloccano.

There is a very curious phenomenon. So, in October a little-known British telecommunications company refocused on the blockchain by adding this term to the name of the company. As a result, its stock lightning soared from 15 pounds ($20) to 84 pounds ($112).

Fashion trends will continue in Asia. Hong Kong manufacturer of tea “Ping Shan Tea Group” as a result of the rebranding received only conditionally associated with tea called “Blockchain Group Co”. As the blockchain affects the activity or product of the company, remains unknown web site does not mention technology at all.

In Russia, the marketers were more inventive: a network of Japanese restaurants “Two sticks” created a thematic ICO-menu cocktails. The menu even focuses on the infamous ban of the ICO in China.

Network of fast food restaurants Burger King in Russia also experimented running your own tokens “Whoppercoin”.

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