As the founder of Litecoin responded to the emergence of Litecoin futures?

As the founder of Litecoin responded to the emergence of Litecoin futures?

The founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee delighted by the upcoming launch Litecoin futures:

Futures Litecoin open the door for institutional investors. It will add liquidity and people will be easier to invest in Litecoin.

The London company Crypto Facilities, which is a trading platform and index 22 Jun launches Litecoin futures relative to the U.S. dollar. At the moment, this company operates with derivative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and bitcoin and is also engaged in the preparation of the index Ripple.

The firm provides its information to the CME Group, which in turn is the largest derivatives exchange.

CEO of Crypto Facilities, Timo Supertak commented on the launch of a new product:

As digital assets continue to evolve, we expect that the market will go a greater number of institutional investors.

Recall that just two weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal released a new issue of the American regulator investigation into possible manipulation in the cryptocurrency market immediately after the launch of bitcoin futures. On the eve of the launch of futures the price of a cryptocurrency is the number one soared to $ 20,000, but less than a month has lost nearly 50% of its value and is now trading in the area of 6-7 thousand dollars..

As part of the investigation, the regulator intends to examine the activities of such cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, itBit, Kraken, and Bitstamp.

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