As I tried to hack the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange Kuna

As I tried to hack the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange Kuna

The cryptocurrency market could not develop without the cryptocurrency exchanges. However, given the number of successful hacker attacks on exchanges around the world, security is almost the main criterion of selection.

How to ensure the security of the exchange?

Normal users can do this in two ways that complement each other. The first is a check for security of connection. Any exchange must support a secure connection – https. After you have verified that the exchange maintains a secure connection, we recommend you to check the reviews about this exchange the other users, it is desirable on independent grounds. Try to find out there was no forced entry, whether the exchange is informed.

This is probably all that can be done by regular users to check the stock exchange for safety. However, those who are working on the site of course can do much more. One of the procedures is a site audit white hat hacking. White hackers are working the same as usual, however, their goal is not the break-in and theft, and the search for vulnerabilities and then sending the data about the found vulnerabilities to the developers of the exchange.

Breaking Kuna

Hacken is a Union of white hackers, which is responsible for testing security and they recently tested one of the most promising markets in Eastern Europe – Kuna.

Distributed Lab, the developer exchange is a major player in the field of blockchain in Eastern Europe. Currently they run training courses, create solutions based on tokens and arrange the blockchain conference in Kiev.

During testing, the white hackers explored several ways of hacking the stock exchange. In particular, they tried to get remote access to your different accounts to access the users and held a series of other attacks. The team Hacken failed to detect critical flaws in the system. The analysis revealed a few minor issues, but they do not pose a significant threat to users and their personal data.

In General, the testing and auditing of cyber security exchange went smoothly.

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