As disastrous launch LitePay affect Litecoin?

As disastrous launch LitePay affect Litecoin?

It is still not clear what happened during the launch LitePay. The company sent all of its subscribers an email saying that due to problems with providers of payment cards, the launch postponed indefinitely.

At the moment, the company registers merchants (shops and other traders) who are planning to accept payments through LitePay after the full launch of the service.

It is possible that the company was not planning to open user registration on Monday, and at the beginning of the work meant the beginning of registration of merchants. The problem lies in the lack of a clear communication policy of the service, because of the fact that payment cards have problems, not subscribers to the service only found out on Tuesday night tweet from the company:

Start LitePay was previously considered as a positive development for Litecoin, which was to cause an increase in the price of this cryptocurrency. It is through awaiting the launch of many analysts issued positive forecasts, and the price of Litecoin stayed at around $ 225 (and sometimes reached as many as 250), despite the General negative trend. At the time of this writing the price dropped to $ 212, and the immediate prospects are not appealing.

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