As Bitmain has responded to the threat of developers Sia?

As Bitmain has responded to the threat of developers Sia?

The team Sia seriously considered the question about disabling Antminer A3 from mining Siacoin with soft-fork. Moreover, the issue is not yet resolved – in the community say that if the activity Bitmain will threaten the network of Sia, the fork will take place, and all buyers of the A3 expects “donut hole”.

Sia don’t want mining power of their coins were concentrated in “one hands”, as all cases are known, when the Chinese used from Bitmain focused on their pool ( huge Hasrat in order to block and thwart the important vote in the Bitcoin network.

Besides the obvious reasons, Sia talking about the fact that devices from Bitmain will compete with their own miners – Obelisk SC1.

Announcing Antminer A3

17 January 2018 Bitmain announced the beginning of sales of the new ASIC miner Antminer A3 working on the Blake algorithm(2b), which, in fact, was created for mining Siacoin. Hasrat stated, the device promised a fantastic 530 USD per day. However, experienced miners immediately remembered the recent history with other devices – Antminer D3 running on the X11 algorithm (originally designed for mining DASH). After Bitmain has sold tens of thousands of devices, one device now brings the owner about $ 6 a day, of which still need to subtract the cost of electricity and cooling.

Regular users of Bitmain products suggest that mass commissioning Antminer A3, the complexity of the network of Sia will increase so that mining will not be as profitable as in the case of D3. Moreover, the X11 algorithm uses multiple currencies, and Hasrat not focused fully on the production DASH, but in the case of Blake(2b) mine only Siacoin.

Sia community is outraged

23 Jan some old and respected members of the community of Sia, that is, “burst”, which resulted in an open letter, in which Bitmain was accused of undermining all foundations of the attack “without a Declaration of war” and generally offended. Developers care about that at the stated herate and the number of devices, almost 100% of mining Siacoin will be made by Bitmain equipment, which can lead to the development of events that no one, except Bitmain, can not affect.

In addition, Sia have their own miners – SC1 Obelisk, which the company developed independently, and the device from Sia is much more energy efficient. Of course, those who bought the “asik” Obelisk, did not know what the bandwagon they will substitute Bitmain, and was hoping for a large profit over a long period of time.

Considering all the factors and its deep concern at the Sia proposed a soft-fork, which would have made impossible mining using Chinese devices. However, after a stormy debate, on 25 January, the developers temporarily refused from such a step, but nevertheless Bitmain has threatened that in case of any harmful action on their part, the soft-fork still held, and all the A3 will turn into an expensive toasters.

The response from Bitmain

The Chinese comrades do not have to wait long with a response, and literally three days later, has rolled out the second batch of A3, now at a price of $ 980, which is 1.6 times cheaper than the devices Sia. In addition, Bitmain stated that each buyer Obelisk SC1, which has a coupon code (and they have with all the people who bought the “Obelisks”), will give up $ 800.

Thus, presenting a coupon from the Obelisk, you will receive a discount of $ 800 per Bitmain and Antminer to buy A3 for only $ 180. A shrewd move, and significantly lowered the price of the second batch of Chinese miners affected the health of a web site – 29 Jan sale A3 was stopped due to the influx website couldn’t process payments.

Sale promised to run later, when the health will be restored.

To be continued?

All of these actions Bitmain and Sia the impression that “this is not the end.” The confrontation between the software developers (Sia) and hardware resources (Bitmain) can get a new twist, apparently, it is up to the Sia. Stay with us to be aware of and finally to you a comparative table of the main parameters of Antminer SC1 A3 and Obelisk.

Obelisk SC1

Antminer A3












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